Random people

Random people you see on the street. I notice them. I describe them. I document them. So, here they are, I hope it will be nice to meet them.

You might be happy

Her mind is full of situations that will never happen. But they do happen, in her mind, over and over again. All the worst case scenarios, the best case scenarios and every single scenario in between. She imagines unimaginable situations, conversations, happenings. In her mind everything is possible, even the impossible. Sometimes her brain is so busy calculating all the ‘what-ifs?’, it has no time to do anything else. She has such trouble forgetting about all the things that could possibly, or impossibly, go wrong. Almost compulsively she has hundreds of variables in her head of how past situations could have gone different. Some of them keep coming back, they haunt her, they taunt her. She tries to oversee everything, not just this moment, but the next one, and the next day, and the next week, and the next month. She tries to figure out all the possibilities, so out of all of them she can try to make the best one actually happen. One of the possibilities is, stranger, that you let go. I know it is difficult, but you might be happy.

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And the wheel goes round and round

“One thing, darling. Don’t ever take someone’s advice on what to do, unless you wouldn’t mind turning out like them. Okay?”
“Yes, mommy.”
“Good. Now that goes for my advice too, understood?”
“Yes, mommy.”
“Do you want to turn out like me, dear?”
“Not really, mommy.”
“Then why did you take my advice?
When not taking your advice means taking your advice, and taking your advice means not taking your advice, you know you are confusing your kid, stranger.

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These are times when there are no difficult problems to solve, no urgent issues to address, no unimaginable losses to mourn, yet, despite all this good fortune, she is still utterly sad. Sad for no apparent reason. But of course, there is always a reason to be sad. Maybe she is sad over an old memory, a lost dream, a missed chance. Maybe she is feeling somebody else’s sadness, somebody else’s pain. Maybe she has repressed feelings, unresolved emotional business. Maybe she feels the pressure of time. Maybe she is thinking about all that is wrong with this world. Or maybe, she is sad for no reason. Just because. Just because sadness can sometimes be a pleasant emotion to feel. Because being sad can brings inspiration. Because being sad makes her feel alive. Don’t drown in your sadness, stranger, swim in it.

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Not just heartbroken

He left her broken. Not just heartbroken, but completely broken. Her mind, her spirit, her ambition, her character, her faith in herself, her belief in the existence of soul mates, her hope for the future, all of it seems broken beyond repair.  Every part of her is now divided into little pieces, except for her bones, they are still as strong as they have always been. Her soul is deeply saddened, till the core of its being. It truly believed it had found its companion for life. Someone to trust, someone to rely on in times of need. And now, nothing. All that is left is an empty bed and a boxer short he accidentally left behind. That’s all. Well, there are the memories. They will never leave her the way he did. But they sure as hell hurt her like he did. It is almost as if all the negative things about him have stayed behind too, along with the boxer short. The insults and the condescending looks have made its way into her memory forever. All the positive things about him have left. The cuddles and the late night conversations. The love. The hope. The connection. What now, stranger?

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Feelings of Disconnection

People from books, people from times long past, people only existing in her imagination seem more real to her than the people she sees walking down the street. The people she sits across from on the train seem blurry and endlessly far away. Much further away than the people she saw in paintings in a museum when she was a child. Much further away than Dorian Gray or David Copperfield. It is hard for her to connect with people, it is immensely difficult to grasp other people have a soul too, and feelings much like hers. Sometimes she wonders whether or not she should be ashamed of these feelings. Sometimes she wonders whether or not other people have these particular feelings too. Whether the people on the train across from her see her as blurry as she sees them. She sincerely hopes they do. I am pretty sure you are not alone in this feeling, stranger. Do you think it possible to feel a feeling never felt by anyone before?

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