Random people

Random people you see on the street. I notice them. I describe them. I document them. So, here they are, I hope it will be nice to meet them.


She still smiles when she listens to music, that’s how she knows she is still alive inside. That’s how she knows deep down her soul is still the way it used to be. That’s how she knows she still has a chance at life. Sometimes she wonders if she wants to have a chance. Maybe it would be easier if all hope was lost. To have no more hope would bring peace. It would finally be okay to give up. No more need to live through all the pain. It would finally be okay to stop fighting. It would finally be okay to rest. But of course it is not okay to give up. It is okay to give up all kinds of things. Actually, it is okay to give up most things. There are only two things you can never give up on: Life and yourself. She has already given up everything else. Life and herself is all she has left. She doesn’t trust herself and she trusts life even less. Now she just listens to music and smiles sadly. She has no idea where to go from here. You have given up everything, stranger. Sounds to me like you are free.

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She used to believe in angels. Back then, she believed in a lot of things. For one, she believed in life. She believed in life and in living it. Now she doesn’t believe in anything anymore. She smiles when she thinks about that innocent girl she was, this girl who believed in people, and love, and a bright future. But when she really thinks about it, about who she was and who she is now, she can’t help but feel the waste. She is cold now, depressed, hopeless, negative. And she doesn’t want to be like this, she wants to be who she was as a little girl. But how can she look at everything she sees around herself and smile? How can she smile and mean it? How can she look at everything that is going on in this world, at human nature, at all the dullness and be cheerful and joyful and happy? How can she look inside herself, at what she is, at what she feels, and feel happy about being alive?

When people ask her what is wrong, as she tries to fake-smile her way through life, she can only say: ‘I want to believe in angels again.’ I hope you find something in this world, maybe within yourself, that makes you want to live, stranger.

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Thinking is her thing. She is always safely locked away in her mind, figuring things out, making up stories, coming up with solutions for difficult problems. She is always trying to figure out the world. Her brain was her territory, it was the only place she felt secure, at home. The world around her, as fascinating as it is to her, scared her deeply. She saw her body as part of the world, not as a part of herself. She was as terrified of her own body as she was of the world. He set her free. Music is what he lives for. He plays multiple instruments, he sings, he writes songs. Every morning he wakes up with new melodies in his head. And he dances. When he dances he becomes one with the music he is dancing to. Now he lets her dance. At first she was shy and embarrassed. She barely dared to wiggle her big toe. Slowly, with lots of patience and acceptance, he made her feel comfortable enough to dance. Dance like no one was watching. He learned her it is wonderful to think, to imagine, to soul search, to wonder, but that it is also great to dance, to let go. He learned her it is wonderful to have a body. And by making her comfortable with her own body, he made her comfortable with the world. It is beautiful to see how he enriched your life, stranger.

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She doesn’t know how to live life. Other people have dreams. To go to college, have a relationship, get a good job, buy a house, marry, make lots of money, have children, go on vacations. None of those things seem desirable to her and she feels deep within her doing those things just isn’t possible for her. She has no idea what she does want, she has no idea what her dreams are, she only knows what she doesn’t want. So far she has been too busy surviving to even think about having dreams that could actually come true. The only way she can make her life worth living is to approach it differently. Make different choices, choices that fit her. To do that she needs to figure out what it is she wants and she needs to be brave. But maybe she isn’t brave. Maybe she is scared all the time. Maybe the smallest things stress her out. Maybe she isn’t suited for life. She would give everything to be someone else. A person who wants to and can go to college and work and marry and be normal. But she just isn’t that person. I wish I could give you advice that would make you feel less hopeless, stranger, but I can’t. The only thing I can say is, don’t give up and don’t give in, but that is so difficult.

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Free spirits

When it comes to love, love of the romantic kind, she is an expert. Maybe not in making it last, but in feeling it, in experiencing it, in finding it. She falls in love with all kinds of people. People with minds completely different from hers. People with free spirits and big unconventional dreams. Dreams so huge they scare her. She likes those kind of dreams, for the dream itself is more important than it coming true. Just to have dared to dream it, to have thought of it, to have truly believed in it, that is enough. Those people, those people with big dreams and free spirits, they make her take chances and let go of her fears. They open up her mind, they make her live deeper. She never intends for any of her relationships to last forever. The love is always intense, full, and everlasting, even though the relationships end. Her relationships always end with a smiling goodbye, when they are both ready to move on. Sometimes she bumps into an old lover and the love is always still there. There are no broken hearts, no sadness, no anger, for there is mutual understanding; You can’t capture a free spirit. I love that you live as makes you happy, stranger, even if people might not understand.

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